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Maintenance & Care

All of our handmade file knives are made from 1095 carbon steel and will darken with age. Due to the handmade process no two knives are exactly the same, the benefits of high carbon steel are that it holds a great edge and is easier to sharpen than a comparable stainless steel blade. All of our file knives are heat treated to add strength, some are also blued, which penetrates the metal and can be scratched off. If this happens, it can easily be touched up with gun bluing, available at any local gun store. Our rule of thumb with knife care is to treat it like you would your gun, keep it lightly oiled and apply every once in a while. If it’s one of our folders, lightly oil the moving parts and clean out any loose debris, this should be done once in a while. High carbon steel will rust if left wet, if the blade needs a thorough cleaning we recommend that be done by hand; dry immediately and then lubricate. Do not place the knife in the dishwasher. Any gun oil is fine, along with canola and vegetable oil.

Leather Sheaths

Many of our knives come with leather sheaths. If the sheath gets wet, remove the knife and let the sheath dry out thoroughly before reusing. If the blade is wet, dry immediately before re-inserting back into the sheath.  If any of the stitching comes loose or unravels please send back to us for a free replacement.


Your Civilware knife is guaranteed for life against defects in material or workmanship. Just return the knife and we’ll take care of the rest at no charge to you; our valued customer.
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